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GROHE Blue Refill 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)

40687000 - GROHE Blue Refill 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)
40687000 - GROHE Blue Refill 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)
40687000 - GROHE Blue Refill 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces)
Product Number 40687000
EAN 4005176981838
35.93 € RRP incl. VAT
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Product Description

GROHE Blue Refill containing 4 x CO2 bottles, for use with a GROHE Blue system – never run out of delicious filtered and sparkling table water

The easy way to make sure you never run out of chilled, filtered, sparkling water at home, this pack of 4 GROHE Blue Refill CO2 bottles means you always have great-tasting water at the turn of the tap. GROHE Blue kitchen taps provide filtered, sparkling table water of the highest quality. Each 425g bottle in the Refill pack is enough to provide 60L of sparkling water from your tap. Unlike many ‘artifical’ CO2 systems, GROHE uses only CO2 from natural sources deep within the earth, with a purity rating of 99.9%. This ensures not only that the carbonated water it creates has a clean, pleasant, superior taste, but it is also healthier too – the natural CO2 helps to regulate the acid/base balance in your body for greater wellbeing. The bottles are safe, quick and easy to install – simply unscrew and screw in a new bottle in just 30 seconds! Please note: This refill product can only be ordered once you have 4 empty 425g CO2 bottles ready for return.

Product Highlights

Carbonation with a clean, natural taste

Our CO2 bottles and refills contain only CO2 drawn from natural sources deep within the earth. Compared with ‘artificial’ CO2 this natural source gives the carbonated water a clean, natural taste, as well as bringing the health benefits of naturally balancing the acid/base balance in the body.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Technical Information

Dimensional Drawing

Filter for GROHE Blue/Red

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135.48 € RRP incl. VAT
Filter M-Size
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Filter L-Size
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Activated carbon filter
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Magnesium+ Filter
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Filter S-Size
Blue accessories

Blue accessories

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