GROHE Sense user stories

Numerous cases of water damage have been detected by GROHE Sense system in time

Innovative GROHE Sense and GROHE Sense Guard water security technology has already helped numerous consumers avoid the stress and expense of water damage in the home. From ordinary homeowners who want to have a holiday without worrying about water leaks in their property, to business owners ensuring their premises are monitored for leaks 24/7, a huge range of people have already discovered the advantages of a GROHE Sense system. If you’re thinking about upgrading to smart home technology, have experienced the nightmare of a water leak in the home already and don’t want it to happen again, or if you are just curious about how GROHE Sense products could benefit your home or business, read on. These stories show how GROHE water security systems have already saved real customers the time, money and heartbreak that can come from even the smallest water leak.

“Without GROHE Sense, the damage would have been enormous. That would have been at least five days of water running into the basement.“

Nikolaus Klein, Germany

“Microleaks were detected by the GROHE Sense Guard, which cut off the water supply and allowed me to avoid much more water damage to my home.”

Yvan Chevrat, France

“Fortunately, I discovered the issue in time. Otherwise, the water would have spread all over the floor below, which had just been renovated.”

Oliver Black, Germany

“My expectation was additional safety, especially as we live in an older house. Just in case something happens.“

André Wefers, Germany


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