You can find the instructions of how to install the Manual Bidet Seat on the ceramic in the technical product information inside the carton box or you can download it on our website.

Download the installation guide for more information


The Manual Bidet Seat needs a connection to a cold water supply. To connect the Manual Bidet Seat to an existent water supply in most of the installation cases you need a T-piece and a water hose. You can buy this set separately.

Grohe Accessory Set 14074000:
T-piece and hose

Dimensional drawing of the Grohe Accessory Set
Length of the hose: 795 mm
Connection: 3/8”

It depends on the type of your toilet and the conditions of your bathroom where the water connection point can be located. Here we show you examples of different installation situations. For a professional installation please ask your installer.


In case of a close-coupled WC, you can use the water supply e.g. of the cistern. Therefore you need a T-piece and a water hose. It is important to measure the distance from the water connection to the connection of the Manual Bidet Seat to see how long the water hose must be. Here you can find pictures of different installation situations:

Connection to the cistern water supply

Connection to the cistern water supply

Connection from water supply within the cistern


If you have a wallhung or a back to wall WC, please have a look if you have an angle valve next to the toilet. In this case you can directly connect the Manual Bidet Seat to this angle valve.

If you have your washbasin nearby the toilet, you can connect the Manual Bidet Seat to the cold water supply.

Discover in this video how the Manual Bidet Seat is installed on the ceramic and how you can connect it to the water supply of the wash basin:

Tipp: With our Grohtherm Micro you can get well temperatured water to the Manual Bidet Seat. Please ask your installer for help.