GROHE Blue Mono Chilled and Sparkling Starter kit

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Product Description

GROHE Blue Mono Professional – add filtered, chilled, sparkling water to your kitchen

Love the taste of filtered, carbonated bottled water, but hate the hassle of buying, storing and recycling the bottles? There is a better way. The GROHE Blue Mono Professional tap sits next to your regular kitchen tap and provides instant chilled, filtered and carbonated water. Select your preferred carbonation level – still, sparkling or semi-sparkling – and take confidence from the GROHE Blue five-stage filter technology which removes undesirable substances that might cause odor or impair taste, while leaving in beneficial minerals. Plus the filter reduces the lime content of the water, extending the life of household appliances like coffee machines. The sleek design includes a high 140° swivel spout, ideal for filling tall carafes. Plus the GROHE SuperSteel matt finish is scratch-resistant for a stylish, durable surface that will last and last.

  • consisting of:
  • GROHE Blue Minta Mono tap with filter function
  • monobloc installation
  • handle for 3 types of filtered and chilled table water
  • still, medium, sparkling
  • GROHE StarLight finish
  • swivel tubular spout
  • swivel area 140°
  • flexible connection hoses

  • GROHE Blue Cube
  • 270 Watt cooling unit, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • type of protection IP 21
  • CE approved
  • requires ventilation holes in the bottom of the kitchen cabinet
  • GROHE Blue size S filter, filter head with flexible adjustment
  • for regions with water hardness of more than 9° dKH
  • for regions with water hardness below 9° dKH please order activated carbon filter 40 547 001
  • GROHE Blue 425 g CO2-carbonization bottle
  • Min. recommended pressure 2.0 bar
  • This product includes an article which is declarated as a hazardous substance. Find more information in the safety data sheet. You can download the safety data at:

Technical Information

CAD Data


Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Flow restrictor 46895000
2 Screw coupling 48201000
3 Pressure reducing valve 40452000
4 Original WAS® T-piece 3/8" 41007000
5 Filter Head 64508001
6 Filter S-Size 40404001
7 Cooler and carbonizer 40554001
8 Pressure indicator 46717000
8.1 CO2 adapter 40962000
9 Starter kit 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces) 40422000
10 Starter kit 2 kg CO2 bottle 40423000*
11 Activated carbon filter 40547001*
12 Magnesium+ Filter 40691001*
13 Filter M-Size 40430001*
14 Filter L-Size 40412001*
15 Cleaning cartridge 40434001*
16 Cleaning cartridge adapter 40694000*
17 Cleaning cartridge for adapter set 40699000*