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GROHE Sensia Arena Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung

39354SH1 - GROHE Sensia Arena Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung
39354SH1 - GROHE Sensia Arena Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung
39354SH1 - GROHE Sensia Arena Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung
  • alpine white
Product Number 39354SH1
EAN 4005176470448
3,732.54 € RRP incl. VAT

Product Description

The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet: ultimate comfort and cleaning with smart self-cleaning technology

Why just wipe when you can clean with water? Combining the best of a toilet and a bidet, plus many extra features, this sleek shower toilet will change your daily cleaning routine for ever. This technologically advanced toilet has two separate self-cleaning spray heads that you can adjust for position, pressure and temperature, with oscillating and massage spray options and a warm air dryer function. Make visiting the toilet a pleasure with features designed for comfort, including automatic seat and lid opening and a powerful flush that cleans and covers the whole bowl. Designed to be 100% hygienic and easy to clean, the toilet uses odour absorption to clean the air while advanced ceramic finishes HyperClean and AquaCeramics are anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial, banishing 99.9% of germs. The air-disinfecting technology PlasmaCluster* actively eliminates bacteria inside the bowl. The sleek, wall-hung toilet design looks perfectly at home in contemporary bathrooms and its smooth lines leave dirt nowhere to hide. Use the control panel on the side of the seat, the remote control or a smartphone app to control and programme, and let the GROHE Sensia Arena revolutionise your daily bathroom routine.

Product Highlights

Choose your preferred spray option for great cleaning

GROHE SkinClean technology offers a wide choice of cleaning sprays, including an adjustable rear spray, separate Lady Shower spray, an Oscillating Spray function for expanded cleaning and a Massage Spray for a soothing experience. The sprays can be adjusted for water temperature, pressure and position, and all spray heads can be exchanged easily for ultimate hygiene.

Numerous user-friendly features for your personal comfort

Your personal comfort is assured with a range of thoughtful features to make you feel at home. The Sensia Arena includes a warm air dryer function for fast, gentle drying, and an automatic odour extraction programme that creates an airshield around the top of the bowl to keep your room smelling fresh. Plus a sensor-activated nightlight gives a soft glow to find your way at night.

Innovative hygiene features for 100% security

GROHE’s Hygiene Clean features combine to create the cleanest toilet in the world! Two innovative hygiene coatings work together to create an outstandingly clean ceramic. HyperClean is an exceptionally smooth and hardwearing glaze that resists 99.9% of bacteria, while the AquaCeramics coating creates an ultra-smooth surface that prevents residues and makes cleaning easy.

Air-disinfecting PlasmaCluster technology

The PlasmaCluster* technology removes bacteria, even those hiding in the farthest reaches of the bowl or ceramic surface. It does this through releasing positive and negative ions inside the toilet bowl, oxidising and eliminating bacteria for a germ-free environment. \n*PlasmaCluster and the PlasmaCluster logos are registered trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

Triple Vortex Flush: smart design that cleans the whole bowl

GROHE toilets have a flush that gains extra cleaning power from its unique design. Instead of one water source, the Triple Vortex Flush uses three water outlets in the bowl to create a vortex of water that cleans every inch of the bowl. Add to that the toilets’ rimless design, which means there are no hidden corners for dirt to inhabit, and this promises the most efficient flush for a clean bowl every time.

Easy to control, via the control panel, the remote control or app

It’s easy to select your preferred spray and cleaning options in a choice of simple-to-operate ways. Use the intuitive remote control to adjust your settings, or download the smartphone app to create a user profile that means your shower toilet will remember your personal preferences every time. Or just use the control panel on the seat itself.

Auto operation for low-maintenance and ultimate convenience

Convenience and low-maintenance are guaranteed thanks to automatic features – a sensor automatically opens the lid as you approach, and closes the seat after use and the spray heads are automatically cleaned before and after each use. There is also the option to add sensor-controlled automatic flushing (requires GROHE Sensia Arena automatic flush connection kit 46944001 for the Rapid SL installation system 39112001). An additional opening at the back of the seat makes it easy to descale the shower toilet (requires GROHE Sensia Arena Descaling Kit 46978001).

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 WC-ceramic 14937000
1.1 Fixing member, rear 14969000
2 Anti-theft screw 14972000
3 exchange set 14976000
3.1 cover 14979000
3.1.1 WC lid 14925SH0
3.1.2 WC seat 14924SH0
3.2 base unit 14978000
3.2.1 Spray 14929000
3.2.2 Spray 14928000
3.2.3 Filter 14927000
3.2.4 Air filter 14933000
3.2.5 Nozzle guard 14930000
4 connection hose 14974001
5 Hose clip 14971000
6 splash protection 14936000
7 remote control 14926001

Shower Toilet

alpine white
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3,732.54 € RRP incl. VAT
Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung
Sensia Arena

Sensia Arena

Intelligent technology meets innovative design.

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